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To provide the most effective library service to the residents of Columbia County Rural Library District.


  1. The Board of Trustees recognizes that no single library can meet all demands in its community. Libraries in different political sub-divisions working together, sharing their services and resources, can meet more nearly the full needs of their users.
  2. The Board of Trustees and the Director will be alert to opportunities of cooperation with other libraries to strengthen the services and resources of the library.

Adopted December 13, 2007


Columbia County Rural Library District is a junior taxing district and its major source of revenue is a property tax dedicated to library services. Eligibility for obtaining a library card to use District facilities, services, and the Internet is based on residency or property ownership in Columbia County or any specific service agreement entered into with other cities, towns, and counties within the state of Washington or outside the state of Washington.

Any person living outside the boundaries of the Columbia County Rural Library District or contracted service areas need to purchase a non-resident card (this includes residents living in the city limits of Starbuck, who do not own property in the county). The cost for a non-resident card is $35 per year per person; $20 per year per person for senior citizens age 62 and over; $15 per person for a three-month card.

The use of District facilities and/or services may be limited when excessive demands of groups or individuals may curtail services to others.

Only residents (those living within Columbia County) or walk-in patrons are allowed access to the Library's databases, which are subscribed to and paid for by the Library District. An “Authorized User” according to the vendors for the Columbia County Rural Library District is considered to be staff, Columbia County patrons or walk-in patrons. Remote use is limited to the residents of Columbia County only.

The use of District facilities and/or services may be denied for due cause. Due cause includes, but is not limited to, failure to return library materials or pay associated charges, and violations of the District’s Patron Code of Conduct Policy, Requirements for Computer Use or other policies adopted by the Columbia County Rural Library District Board.

The Director is responsible for establishing administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

Adopted February 14, 2008


Board of Trustees:

By-laws , Revised April 26, 2011.

Rural Library District Establishment RCW 27.10.040:

Rural Library District – Board of Library Trustees RCW 27:12.050:

Library Trustees – Organization – Bylaws—Powers and duties:

Washington Public Libraries Trustee Wiki

Friends of the Library:

Washington State Library Trustee’s Manual, Section 21

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